Flexible and mobile power - based on 2nd-life Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries.

Today, I am super happy to announce the launch of 'betteries', the newest Venture of Heartbeat Investments.

Over the last months, it has been a bit quiet on my Heartbeat Investments platform, but in the background, we have been working hard in stealth mode on our next venture. Therefore, today, I am even more so pleased to lift the curtain and to announce the launch of 'betteries'.

It all started back in November 2010 when I had the privilege to meet Prof. Muhammad Yunus during a journey to Bangladesh. He had asked me one question that simply stuck with me over the years: “Rainer, why is there no small electric vehicle I can plug into the house in the evening to give people power?”. Six years later, I had left corporate life, had been driving an electric car for 2 years already and worked with tech start-ups focused on impact and circularity, which really got me thinking about what I could personally do to help us in the transition towards a world of sustainable energy and mobility. Being an engineer by heart, I was naturally torn towards the question of what a second life of electric vehicle battery modules could look like. And then one day, I was standing in my garage and looked at a stackable toolbox and thought: “What if we could build a modular, mobile & smart battery system based on used EV battery modules that can be stacked like my toolboxes? 

Now, many months later, I am proud to see 'betteries' has come up with an answer to my question.

For more information, check out: https://betteries.com

Rainer Hönig
July 2019